The Basic Legal Procedures to be Followed After a Car Accident

Car accidents are part and parcel of our daily lives. The majority of these accidents are usually minor, and most of the drivers involved are insured. However, when Murphy’s Law prevails, a car accident can turn out to be a complicated mess. Questions such as these will have to pop up; was the other driver under-insured or insured? Were there multiple vehicles involved in the accident? Are the involved parties in disagreement about what caused the accident? Is the insurance company denying compensation or coverage for the medical bill, property damage, and pain and suffering?
In this article, various facts about car accidents and what should be done after it has already happened will be discussed so as to keep you in the know how. After being involved in an accident, one of the questions that come by default is “Do I need to contact my lawyer?” Generally speaking, this depends on the happenings and what injuries have been suffered and to whom. If you are not hurt in the incident, the most probable answer is no.

However, in cases where you have been injured and especially you have suffered a permanent injury that has interfered with your household or school duties, you are advised to visit a car accident law firm so that you can be allocated a lawyer who will represent you in a claim against the person who is responsible for your injuries.
Note that even if you are not injured, do not entirely rule out that the surroundings of car accident since they differ. It is vital to look at the nature of the car accident and put your best judgement into use.

Contacting a lawyer who deals with personal injuries and especially those related to auto accidents will provide you with a piece of mind since you will be rest assured that no stone will be left unturned.
After an accident, you are advised to rush to a car accident law firm to seek a medical expenses after painful experience when;
– There are serious injuries that can lead to hospitalization on paralysis

– Death as a result of the accident

– Other parties e.g. passengers were involved in the accident

– The accident took place in a construction area

– The police statement fails to describe the accident scene correctly thus putting you at fault

– Complex legal, medical and technical issues are involved

– Limits of your liability insurance are considerably low

– You do not have insurance cover, or the insurance company states that you failed to pay your premiums

– The insurance company involves its lawyer
If after the accident you have minor injuries, and you have received little or no treatment and it’s clear beyond reasonable doubt that the other driver was at fault, you are bound to get relatively quick results without seeking legal advice.


The insurance adjuster of the other vehicle’s driver will simply ask you for a statement regarding facts of the accident and your injuries; you will also need to present medical reports and bills, proof of lost time and other relevant paperwork.
The adjuster is supposed to make you an offer which is based on all the documented expenses of your inquiry, therefore, note that getting the paperwork together is very crucial. If your injury happens to be major or liability/ fault is unclear, it will be prudent to visit a car accident law firm prior to negotiating with the insurance firm.

Seeking legal counsel is advisable since lawyers are trained to look into and evaluate the facts of the accident. Most importantly, the lawyer can inform you what your claim is worth and guide you through the necessary legal process. A good attorney is not supposed to talk you into suing or making claims that you are not entitled to.
Also, bear in mind that if you decide to deal with the insurance company directly, the other drivers adjuster does not have the right of charging you any fees to see that you are compensated accordingly. His or her job relies on paying you the least amount of your claim. If you feel that the statement being handed to you by the insurance company is unfair, you can hire a lawyer from a car accident law firm to counter the unfair offer with a threat of litigation.

There are other incidences that can present themselves in the case of a car accident that should not make you rush to your lawyer urgently. They include;

– When seeking advice on the value of the settlement claim ( lawyers have the capability of providing you with the best and worst case scenarios)

– Unsure whether other insurance ( travel, homeowners, etc.) may be available

– Issues about the liability/ fault

– Determining whether your insurance company is no considering your best interest.

-You are unaware of your rights

– The terms of the policy are confusing you

– When seeking advice on how to handle an insurer

– When needing an expert to help review complex forms or paperwork

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It is important to know the necessary steps and scenarios that surround a car accident. Many people due to their innocence are ripped off by insurance companies. As discussed above, it is important to know when to contact a car accident law firm after an accident and when not to. As a road user, you should be on the look out especially when you are involved in an accident. The officer-in-charge might decide to write a falsified statement that puts you at fault even when you are not.


Many people find it expensive to involve lawyers in such situations since they presume the legal fees are usually exaggerated. One thing that they fail to understand is that lawyers have a trained eye that can tell the amount payable by the insurance company. As a layman, you are bound to be underpaid since they know you do not have the slightest idea of how much you are supposed to be compensated.


In case, any clauses in the policy are unclear it’s also advisable to seek the services of a car accident law firm since they will help you interpret the document and eventually you will be compensated accordingly.



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